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Lavorazioni Meccaniche di Precisione D’Ambra (D’Ambra Precision Mechanics Inc.) was started by Mario D’Ambra in 1973 as a small entrepreneurial project. Over the last 30 years, the company has grown until becoming today D’Ambra Inc., a small-size high-technology company covering a 21.000 m² area (5.500 of which indoor).
The company’s products are targeted at all those sectors in which meeting the customers’ specific needs is of primary importance, such as mechanics, electrics, aeronautics, telephony and the railway sector. D’Ambra core business consists of precision mechanic products, industrial automation and assembly of mechanical parts.
Innovative methods, high precision equipment and a great flexibility applied to production processes allow D’Ambra Inc. to ensure highly performing products which stand out for their extreme reliability.
D’Ambra products include: aeronautical and aerospace parts, tools, custom waveguides, telemetry equipment, shearing moulds, thermoplastic and sintering moulds, gauges, pick-and-place positioners, conveyors, counterframes for wave welding and for tropicalization of printed circuits, vacuum chambers for screenprinting machines, substitute parts for PTH and SMD insertion machines (Panasonic, Fuji, Universal, Zevatech), precision sheet metal works, RACK and SUBRACK (mounting and cabling if needed, realised with in-house projected CAD/CAM drawings, are included).

Since the company operates on demand of third parties, its output includes a wide range of products which vary by shape, features, raw materials, components and designed function.
A wide variety of materials can be deployed in the making of products, such as special steels both tempered and annealed, high-hardness sintered steel (>65Hrc), aluminum and its alloys, titanium, copper, brass, plastics, etc.

D’Ambra S.r.l. con socio unico | Via Consortile Zona ASI 81032 Carinaro (CE) P. IVA 07142730634
tel: +39 081 8133372 | fax: + 39 081 19319226