D’AMBRA is a firm for high precision metalworking / machining service. Founded in 1973 by Mario D’Ambra, as an entrepreneurial project, during nearly forty-five years, the firm is developed and it has grown becoming D’AMBRA.

Today D’AMBRA is an high tech firm, having a plant of 22.000 mqs of which about 5.000 mqs covered. The realized products concern industrial sectors such as mechanical, aeronautical and aerospace, electronic, telecommunication, railway and all the fields where it is important to satisfy specific Customer requests. The core business of D’AMBRA consist of: precision mechanical workmanships, industrial automation and mechanical components assembling.

The innovative systems, the high precision of equipments and a great flexibility of the production processes allow D’AMBRA to guarantee products with high level of accuracy and reliability.

D’AMBRA produces: parts and vertical assembled items for the aeronautical and aerospace industry, tools, customized waveguides, equipments for telemetry, blanking dies, thermoplastic dies and sintering dies, spare part for dies, (punches, matrixes, etc) callipers, Pick & Place machines, conveyers, frames for wave welding and for the conformal coating of printed circuit boards, vacuum boxes for silk screen machines, spare parts for PTH and SMD pick and placemachines (Panasonic, Fuji, Universal, Zevatech), precision machining of plates, rack and subrack assembled, complete (if required) of wiring harnesses and layout drawings developed on CAD system by internal personnel.

The firm operates for account of others and therefore the range of its products is very large and diversified (for shape, characteristics, mate- rials, components and applications). AII the workmanships carried out by D’AMBRA can be realized by using different kind of materials such as: special steels annealed and hardenedì, sintered steels with high hardness (> 65Hrc), aluminium and its alloy, titanium, copper, brass, plastics, etc.







The company’s entire commitment to research and the improvement of “Total Quality” translates into the intention to reach the following objectives:

  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Optimization

Placing the Customer at the centre of the company’s strategies and improvement processes and setting Customer satisfaction as our dominant business value.


Developing a culture of quality throughout the entire company by involving our employees in the planning for quality and “continuous improvement”.


Seeking to optimise company processes to achieve the maximum level of effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Quality monitoring
  • Complaints
  • Non-compliance analysis
Quality monitoring

Periodically monitoring our Customers’ perceptions of the quality of our service and how it meets their needs.


Adopting simple, accessible complaint procedures that allow for the timely resolution of nonconformities reported by Customers.

Non-compliance analysis

Periodically analysing internal and external nonconformities in order to take the proper steps to make sure that they do not recur.

  • EN 9100:2018 – Certificate RINA No. AS/208/19/S
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate RINA No. 38950/19/S
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate IQNET No. IT-123847

For the following activities:

EA: 21 – Precision machining and assembling of mechanical components for the aerospace sector.

For the following activities:

EA: 21 – Precision machining and assembling of mechanical components for aerospace and electro-mechanical sectors.

For the following field of activities:

Precision machining and assembling of Mechanical components for aerospace and electro-mechanical sectors.